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Year in School:


Internships/Work Experience:

Colorspace Labs Social media Marketer, Department of Defense Troop Support Intern, O.L.D Digital Learning Intern .


Things you’ve learned from AMA:

AMA has allowed me to connect, network and gain hands on experience with real world clientele, all while learning how to market in a business setting. My three years of experience so far has given me the opportunity to learn and grow my passion for international marketing. Ive been able to develop valuable skills needed to enhance my leadership and communication skills. This organization is beneficial to any student looking to expand their knowledge within their community, personal professional development and team engagement.

What do you plan to do in the future and how has AMA impacted this?

I plan on using the skills I've obtained through my four years of being a part of AMA to give me the confidence to apply myself towards new opportunities. The experience i have gained through networking events, speaker sessions, and working alongside a team of cherry consultants has given me a better understanding of what to expect post graduation. I am confident in that wherever and whatever my future career takes me, will reflect the experiences I've gained through this impactful student professional organization at Temple.

External Chapter Communications: Lillian Sclafani