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Year in School:


Internships/Work Experience:

Brand Marketing Intern at PHERES, Marketing and Growth Intern at WhoseYourLandlord, Social Media and Communications Intern at DMAX Foundation, Marketing and Public Relations Intern at Allied Global Marketing, Account Management Intern with Heartbeat/Publicis Health, Peer Advisor at Fox School of Business, Ombudsman at Fox School of Business.

Things you’ve learned from AMA:

Over the course of my three years at Temple, TU-AMA has taught me how to become a leader through various opportunities. AMA has pushed me to step out of my comfort zone by becoming a leader through Cherry Consulting, and eventually become a part of the E-Board! AMA has also showed me the various career paths that I can follow in the future by networking with professionals in various marketing roles. Overall, AMA has taught me to never back down and to always take on/be open to new opportunities because you never know where it will take you!

What do you plan to do in the future and how has AMA impacted this?

Marketing is such a broad major but AMA has been a key factor in narrowing down what I want to do. By hearing new professionals speak every week, I have been able to understand the various industries and roles marketing has to offer. I’ve found that I am most interesting in sports marketing and branding. In the future I plan to work for an agency. Following the agency, I hope to work for a larger brand.

Cherry Consulting: Layla Kasymov