To get the most of your TU-AMA experience, it’s important to become involved in the organization. The best way to do so is to join one of our several functional committees. Headed by the chapter’s directors, committees offer a valuable look into the inner workings of TU-AMA and allow members to contribute and develop their various skill sets.

Professional Development

The role of the Directors of Professional Development is to coordinate guest speakers, professional development workshops, and networking events. Professional Development utilizes the Fox School of Business’s Center for Student Professional Development, Marketing department, Alumni association, and LinkedIn to discover and invite new guest speakers to the TU-AMA General Board Meetings. Committee members help form and maintain professional relationships with employers and alumni as well as develop “How to Network,” resume building, and certificate program workshops to enhance the professional development skills of our members.

Maeve Coogan

Jacqueline Gallen

Shaheen Memar

Media Relations

The Media Relations Committee is responsible for promoting TU-AMA online and off. Through our social media channels and website, the Directors of Media Relations communicate everything TU-AMA as well as any relevant events or articles. Creating meaningful content through taking pictures, producing videos, writing blogs all contribute to the TU-AMA brand. In addition, the Directors of Media Relations are in charge of sending out all listserv emails and newsletters to update members on the latest TU-AMA happenings. 

Harry Huder

Lauren McGrath


The Directors of Membership are responsible for increasing membership by connecting students who are passionate about exploring the marketing industry and developing professional skills. The membership committee creates and maintains records of all the members and their interests. The committee also maintains the membership point system. The system that tracks all points that active members collect in order to participate in more events and to benefit from membership perks. This committee is also in charge of planning socials and recruitment events.

Nina Lee

Juliette Plummer

Corporate Sponsorship

The Directors of Sponsorship are responsible for relationships between TU-AMA and the many sponsors of the organization. The Sponsorship committee participates and learns the details around corporate outreach and maintaining relations with these accounts. In addition, the Sponsorship Committee is responsible for providing updates to sponsors through monthly newsletters collaborating with the Chapter Communications committee.

Keon Morley

Nick Pugliese

Chapter Communications

The Directors of Chapter Communications work alongside a committee of members who focus on spreading the valuable information that TU-AMA provides out towards the general body and any external parties. This is done so through work on the TU-AMA website, weekly email newsletter, the print newsletter, AMA Weekly as well as monthly external newsletters. Chapter Comms leads TU-AMA's chapter planning through the creation of a chapter plan, collects chapter data, and communicates TU-AMA's activities and accomplishments through an annual report. Chapter Communications gives students valuable experience in website development, email communication and collaboration with other committees. 

Lillian Sclafani

Mike Breen

Aden Kaye

Social Impact

The Directors of Social Impact, along with the Social Events Committee, coordinate community service and fundraising events for TU-AMA that allow members to utilize their marketing skills to help the Temple & Philadelphia community. Members work collaboratively with other committees to plan and promote various events. Fundraising events should focus on raising money for the organization, and community service events should allow members to help their community through the use of their marketing skills. Students can gain real-world experience by working with local partners and charity organizations.

Mallory Secher

Helen Chmiel

Cherry Consulting

The Directors of Cherry Consulting work to manage and maintain TU-AMA's in-house, student-run marketing firm. The Cherry Consulting Committee focuses on improving students' abilities to function within the different roles of the organization. Contents of meetings will include tips on client outreach and communication, project management and team leadership, as well as how to articulate your work within Cherry to potential employers, and more! 

Layla Kasymov

Tyler Hall

Giana Castellano