Year in School:


Internships/Work Experience:

Services Sales Representative Intern at Dell Technologies, Digital Marketing & Graphic Design Intern at Farotech, Cherry Consulting Project Manager, Cherry Consulting Associate Project Manager

Things you’ve learned from AMA:

TU-AMA has taught me how to grow as a professional and has given me the opportunity to develop personally as well. Through attending and hosting workshops, meetings, speaker sessions, conferences, and competitions, I have learned the importance of showing up as your true and authentic self. Networking was something I always viewed myself good at, but learning to truly be myself has set me on the right foot and opened many doors for me throughout my time in TU-AMA. With this, I have built on my personal brand and have been able to make change in the lives of our members by providing value in every event, workshop, or meeting I have helped plan or hosted.

What do you plan to do in the future and how has AMA impacted this? 

In the future, I plan to work in technology sales so I can have an impact on the technological issues facing the business industry, such as cybersecurity and IP rights. AMA has impacted this decision by providing me the opportunity to hear from professionals in a multitude of industries and how real world issues impact their day-to-day lives at work. Additionally, I have been able to participate in national sales competitions to prove my effective selling skills and learn new tips and tricks through various forms of feedback.

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