Media Relations Social Strategy: Lauren McGrath
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Year in School:


Internships/Work Experience:

This past summer, I worked as a social media intern at JMG Public Relations in New York City. Although I was working remotely, I was given various responsibilities to manage company social media accounts and even write my own blog. I worked directly with the CEO to help grow their company's brand and utilized analytics to achieve monthly goals.

Things you’ve learned from AMA:

I have been able to carry professional development skills that I learned from other AMA members, advisors, and experiences into my everyday life. From networking to resume building, AMA has helped me grow more than I thought I could in my first year at Temple.​

What do you plan to do in the future and how has AMA impacted this?

I would love to have a career in the beauty or fashion industry, marketing for a brand that I love. AMA has introduced me to many paths you can go down with a marketing degree so I am excited to learn even more about marketing and see where it takes me.

1801 Liacouras Walk Philadelphia, PA 19122 Alter Hall A502c

T: (215) 204-1934

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Date last edited: 4/07/2021
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