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Year in School:


Internships/Work Experience: 

Communications Consultant for Temple Political Science Department, Research Assistant for Temple Center on Regional Politics


Things you’ve learned from AMA:

TU-AMA has provided me with the resources and leadership skills in order to grow professionally. I have learned the importance of networking and relationship building when communicating with both professionals, professors, classmates, and the community. My time with this organization has been a key part of my development throughout my college career.

What do you plan to do in the future and how has AMA impacted this?

In the future I plan to use my communication, research, and professional sales skills to help small businesses and nonprofits expand their brands and positively impact the community. I also plan to explore careers in government, law, or political communication. TU-AMA has allowed me to continue to gain practical marketing experiences and connections that will provide me the skills in order to have a successful career. I have also been able to connect more with the Philadelphia community through various projects and initiatives.

Sponsorship: Keon Morley
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