Year in School:


Things you’ve learned from AMA:

I have learned so many valuable professional and interpersonal skills throughout my time at TU-AMA. I have learned how to speak to professionals and orchestrate large events like Marketing Week and our Regional Conference. Furthermore I have learned professional skills such as resume building, LinkedIn building and interviewing tips. These have all helped me to continue to flourish professionally and help grow my network. Most importantly I have learned the importance of networking and have made it a point of emphasis during my time at TU-AMA. I have been fortunate to have gained a solid professional network and have been able to seek out professional mentors and opportunities through them as my relationships continue to build.

What do you plan to do in the future and how has AMA impacted this?

Ideally, I want to see myself working for a company in the sports, music, or entertainment industry (especially the Sixers). I would like to work in either digital marketing or brand management. TU-AMA has helped me gain some of the skills I need to succeed within those fields of marketing. Whether it was through workshops, speaker sessions, or Cherry Consulting, I was able to pick up extremely valuable skills that stand out in interview or professional chats.

Vice President: Kevin Stern
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