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Temple University

American Marketing Association


TU-AMA's Mission:

Temple University chapter of the American Marketing Association transforms students’ lives; we offer our members opportunities to become experienced marketers and proven leaders by enhancing their skill sets, advancing their business knowledge, and expanding their personal networks.

What is TU-AMA?

The Temple University chapter of the American Marketing Association (TU-AMA) is one of twenty Student Professional Organizations within the Fox School of Business and Management. With over 150+ active members, TU-AMA is one of the largest SPOs (Student Professional Organization) in the school. Our membership includes students of all years, residing on and off-campus, with majors ranging from marketing to finance, public relations, risk management, advertising, and others. Dedicated to the professional development of business students, TU-AMA exposes its members to various careers in marketing through speaker panels and other special events. These opportunities are key to developing leadership and communication skills to ultimately succeed in today’s environment, as well as providing networking with leading industry professionals.

In order to maintain a thrilling, yet professional environment for students, TU-AMA also participates in many non-marketing events throughout the academic year. Joining with other SPOs and groups throughout Temple University for social events and outings allows members to meet other students and become more involved in the social aspect of their school. Community service also serves as an integral part of our organization, as we promote giving back to the community through our many drives, donations, and volunteering. TU-AMA has received several national and international awards in the past few years. 

Executive Board





TU-AMA placed as a Platinum Collegiate Chapter for the first time in 2018-2019.



TU-AMA won the Prime Student International Collegiate Case Competition in 2021-2022.



TU-AMA was awarded best website three years in a row at AMAICC 2019, 2020,

& 2021.



TU-AMA continues to be one of the largest student professional organizations at Temple.

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