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Isabella Mont

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Internships/Work Experience:

Marketing Intern at Maze Marketing Development

What have you learned from AMA?

Being a part of TU-AMA has provided me with the resources and knowledge to begin growing not only within the organization, but professionally as well. I’ve established marketing skills and learned the importance of networking, personal branding, hands-on experience, and more from weekly workshops and Cherry Consulting meetings. I looked forward to the Friday speaker sessions the most as I was introduced to professionals and their roles in the marketing field within different industries. Being a part of TU-AMA, I walked away from every meeting having learned something new and I know I will continue to learn even more these next few years. 

What area of marketing are you most interested in and why?

Being a part of TU-AMA as a whole ultimately solidified my interest and want to pursue a future career in marketing. I’m currently most interested in pursuing a career on the creative side of marketing in the fashion/beauty industry, but my industry interests ultimately go across the board with sports and entertainment/music. Listening in on speaker sessions and getting hands-on experience as a student consultant allowed me to see what areas of marketing I enjoyed most. I look forward to networking and gaining experiences that align with my interests. 

What is your favorite TU-AMA memory?

My favorite TU-AMA memory has to be our last social of the year, the field day social. It was light-hearted and nice to be able to do something outside, though it was hailing, and the slight competitiveness of all the games we played made it super fun. 

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