2020-2021 Corporate Sponsors

Thank you for supporting TU-AMA!


All of the things TU-AMA does to go above and beyond our ideas and goals as well as allow our members to have a more successful future couldn’t be possible without our sponsors. TU-AMA provides companies with an exclusive opportunity to engage with some of the most successful and brightest students at Temple University.

You can take advantage of various levels of communication and interaction with our students by choosing the sponsorship package that fits your interests.

If you are interested in becoming a part of our family, please reach out to Keon Morley at keon.morley@temple.edu or Nick Pugliese at npugliese@temple.edu.

Alumni Sponsors

- James Base   - Taylor Basham   - Harry Gaffney

- Alexa Gerenza   - Ethan Greenstein   - Sammie Hogan

- Ben Kates   - Hunter Miller   - Tabby Miller

- Jaelynn Plante   - Anastasia Postolati   - Lily Tran   

- Alison Wehr