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External Chapter Communications: 
Mara Ginsberg

Year in School:

Sophomore ​

Internships/Work Experience:

Human Resources Intern at Red Nucleus

What have you learned from AMA?

I have gained valuable skills in different areas such as marketing, professional development, and networking from the opportunities that AMA has offered. I have also been able to work alongside peers with similar interests towards larger projects through Cherry Consulting and various competitions throughout the year.

What area of marketing are you most interested in and why?

I am interested in brand management because I find it interesting how each part of a brand contributes to its identity as a whole. Last year's marketing week theme was entertainment marketing, which peaked my interest in the industry.

What is your favorite TU-AMA memory?

My favorite TU-AMA memory is the Halloween social because it was fun to dress up and exciting to get to know members outside of regular meetings.

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