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External Professional Development:
Skylar Sheely

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Year in School:


Internships/Work Experience:

Content Marketing Intern at QVC, Digital Experience Intern at Main Line Health, Affiliate Marketing Intern at QVC 

What have you learned from AMA?

TU-AMA created a welcoming environment that made me feel comfortable to be myself and freely explore the marketing industry. I have become a better professional through attending various workshops, committee meetings, speaker sessions, and weekly Cherry Consulting sessions. These features of TU-AMA have facilitated the improvement of my content creation, social media strategy, and outreach skills. Overall, TU-AMA has helped me evolve into a stronger professional and student, and being part of the organization has been one of the biggest highlights of my college career.

What area of marketing are you most interested in and why?

I am most interested in digital marketing because it is the perfect blend of tech, data analysis, and market research. It is also incredibly broad, which allows me to learn more and explore my different areas of interests. Through my internships and TU-AMA's Cherry Consulting, I have worked with social media marketing, SEO, and partnership marketing. These experiences have given me insight into the tech, fashion, and beauty industries, and I would love to further explore these fields in the future.

What is your favorite TU-AMA memory?

I love all of TU-AMA's socials, but especially our annual water pong tournament. It is such a great way to start the year off and meet new members while participating in a fun competition. The first water pong social I went to was where I met some of my current closest friends, so naturally it holds a special place in my heart!

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