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HootaThon Write Up

This past weekend, members of TU-AMA participated in Temple’s tenth annual HootaThon, the first one back in person since the beginning of the pandemic. We were thrilled to come together and support the Miracle Network families and staff at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). HootaThon, in total, raised $19,306.93 and as an event, TU-AMA raised the most of any organization at $2,627. We will be continuing our fundraising efforts until the beginning of May. Our goal by the end of the fundraiser is $3,000, you can donate here now!

HootaThon is a fundraising dance marathon for CHOP, raising money to fund the hospital and children in need. In solidarity with the initiative and the children it serves, participants in HootaThon must remain standing for the duration of the event. Though tiring, any discomfort that participants experience during the dance marathon is a reminder of the importance of HootaThon’s goals and all that we stand for.

Throughout the day we had a chance to hear from families who have benefited from the Children's Miracle Network and their success stories within CHOP. This was inspiring and motivated us to keep pushing for donations to help provide more families with stories such as these. There was also a “morale dance” every few hours to keep us energized throughout the fundraiser considering standing for the full duration began to get tiring.

This was a great experience to bond and collaborate with other student organizations on Temple’s campus that are also interested in furthering their philanthropic side. We formed connections to collaborate with these organizations in the future! It also was a great opportunity for TU-AMA to come together and show our support for CHOP and we appreciate the executive board of HootaThon for providing us with this rewarding opportunity.

Again, we are continuing the fundraiser throughout April into May and hope to reach our goal to support CHOP, the staff, and the Miracle Network families. Feel free to donate here now!

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