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Social Impact Week Overview

This year Social Impact hosted its 3rd annual Social Impact Week. In the past, Social Impact Week has been more general about social initiatives and awareness in the marketing business world. This year it was more targeted and centered around Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Monday: Darlene Meier-Jimenez and Tiffany Plater Speaker Session

We kicked off the week strongly with two speakers, Darlene and Tiffany, who have extensive knowledge and history in the beauty industry. Their paths crossed when working at L’Oreal but have moved on to other beauty ventures since. They primarily discussed the disparities women face in business, especially the corporate world, specifically for women of color. They also dove into how implementing diversity, equity, and inclusion practices are vital to a business beyond the surface level assumptions, such as revenue. This session turned into an engaging conversation between Darlene and Tiffany that allowed our members to understand their personal and professional experiences with diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Tuesday: Philly Pretzel Factory Fundraiser

The first event of Social Impact Week was a fundraiser for our year-long charity of choice, West Kensington Ministry. Our members volunteered for shifts to sell the Philly Pretzel Factory pretzels all afternoon in the Fox Business School lobby. Professors and students stopped by to buy the pretzels, and several were thrilled to donate to our charity of choice

without getting a pretzel after hearing how beneficial the ministry is to the North Philadelphia community. It was an extremely successful fundraiser!