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Mental Health & Entrepreneurship

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

We must recognize the mental health epidemic present in today's world of business and it is time to take preventative action against the stigma associated with entrepreneurs and mental health.

Brilliant and creative people are susceptible to mental health illnesses. Suffering substantially limits people's ability to live their lives, and continue their entrepreneurial journey. As business persons, creators, innovators, and entrepreneurs we come together, as a community we can tackle this issue.

During the pandemic, many are struggling to keep their businesses afloat while also struggling with the external stressors from life. We have the power to engage ourselves in strategies that improve our mental health, as we meet challenges of leading businesses, organizations and teams to success.

As external stress overwhelms our lives, carry these helpful tips into your life. Share them with your network and community!

  • You may be feeling horrible, so make sure to listen to your body and alter your surroundings! It is important to recognize that our bodies are always in communication with us. So If you are experiencing negative symptoms, make sure you are staying hydrated, eating healthy meals, getting the proper amount of sleep and exercising.

  • In our current world of social distancing and virtual spaces, it is important to fulfill your psychological need of connecting with others. Meet up for a social distanced coffee, plan a virtual dinner night, or reconnect with people you haven’t reached out to in awhile.

  • As we dive into work, we often forget to focus on ourselves and our personal lives. Continue to stimulate your mind by finding things that bring you joy and laughter.

  • Find someone that you can support. Check in on your community of people - help someone else with what’s important to them and be a shoulder to lean on.

  • Build a reliable support system. This could be your friends, family or coworkers, but also mentors and coaches.

  • Connect your mind and body through best practices of meditation, or yoga.

Preserving a Healthy Mental Outlook

A tip from the writers: Something we enjoy doing is going on walks in nature or a park. It allows us to reconnect, brightening our day and making us more attentive. Try it out - let us know by posting a photo and tagging us on Instagram @TuOwlsAma!

Helpful resources for every business person:

Being diagnosed with a mental illness does not mean that one’s career or entrepreneurial journey is over. It is important to recognize symptoms and get help to restore balance to your life. This can come from traditional counseling and therapy, or there are many online options like TalkSpace, 7 Cups of Tea, and Pride Counseling.

As we wrap up National Suicide Prevention & Awareness Month, utilize these resources for yourself, or share them with a friend. Suicide is preventable if we work together. Head over to the Greater Philadelphia American Foundation for Suicide Prevention for more information on upcoming workshops, events and opportunities.

Thank you for tuning into our blog for the month of September! We hope you took away something valuable from this read, and stay tuned for next month's blog


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