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Postmates Speaker Session with April Conyers

February 16, 2018

April Conyers is the Head of Corporate Communications at Postmates, an on-demand delivery service headquartered in San Francisco. Postmates is the first and the largest on-demand delivery service, and they pride themselves on being the most reliable and affordable company in their industry. With so many on-demand delivery services popping up in major cities around the country, Postmates stands out because their 150,000 couriers will deliver anything, anywhere, and at anytime. An average Postmate delivery takes 25 minutes, but ordering from Postmates instead of getting the product(s) themselves saves customers and average of 45 minutes. And customers aren’t limited to choosing from certain merchants and products. What more could you want in this era of instant gratification?

April oversees all of the messaging that gets delivered to consumers, couriers, and business partners. Communicating the message and benefits of your company to consumers is important to get people to try it for the first time. Her role is especially important in a company such as Postmates because once their customers use their service 3 times in their first month, they are very likely to continue using Postmates. Postmates uses promotions such as free deliveries to attract new customers. They also focus their advertising campaign on their most active market: females in their late 20s and early 30s. Postmates uses the most commonly ordered products in the segment, such as Sephora products and take-out Thai food, to make their ads relatable to users. Postmates has also teamed up with celebrities such as Kevin Durant, Justin Bieber, and Adam Levine.

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