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Volunteering at Cristo Rey Business Bootcamp: Summer 2021

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Earlier this month, Temple University American Marketing Association (TU-AMA) had the opportunity to volunteer with Cristo Rey Philadelphia High School at their annual Business Bootcamp 2021! Cristo Rey is a high school in North Philadelphia that offers a college-preparatory experience, serving exclusively low-income students.

One of the many offerings at Cristo Rey to highlight is the school’s established work-study program. In this program, every student works one day per week at a company or organization, across multiple industries, within the Greater Philadelphia area. Within each role, students can get invaluable experience and insights into a career path that interests them, all before their high school graduation. Cristo Rey prepares each student for their upcoming work-study by providing them with a professional development bootcamp every summer to kick off the semester. This year, Cristo Rey was generous enough to task TU-AMA with creating and presenting a lesson plan about navigating the evolving workspace and multigenerational work environment.

TU-AMA members, Aden Kaye and Tyler Hall, led the course titled ‘The Evolving Workplace’ to all incoming freshmen and sophomore students. This lesson prepared students for their upcoming work-studies by defining the multigenerational workforce and providing them with tips and tricks on how to thrive in this space. Kaye and Hall touched on topics involving their own personal work experience; soft communication and social skill building; the difference between a virtual, in-person, or hybrid work atmosphere; and the importance of LinkedIn and personal branding.

Our volunteers truly enjoyed their time connecting with the students at Cristo Rey and providing them with advice on how to navigate a corporate workspace as a young individual. Thank you to Cristo Rey Philadelphia High School for giving us this opportunity to share our experience and knowledge with your bright students!

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