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Auntie Anne's Speaker Session

Updated: Nov 8, 2018

On October 19, 2018, Heather Neary, President of Auntie Anne's, spoke about the story of Auntie Anne’s and how it came to be. She explained the importance of overcoming hurdles and how that brought Anne to create this ever growing brand. She gave a sneak peak into her own career and her life, starting in Marketing but feeling like that was not enough to satisfy her. Continuing to strive for more, Heather worked her way up to become the President of Auntie Anne’s. Heather stressed a quote by Anne that the company values greatly, which is “To Give, To Get, To Give again”. Auntie Anne’s spends a lot of their time and effort into giving back to the community and others who support them. The company is very involved in Alex’s Lemonade stand as well as many other charity organizations.

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