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Membership Monday: Heather Schaffer

Our AMAzing member in the spotlight this week is Heather Schaffer!

“Hi! My name is Heather Schaffer, and I am a junior marketing major at Fox! I am Vice President and Director of Communications for Temple’s Student CPT as well as the Associate Project Manager for Cherry Consulting’s Pete Russo’s Plumbing project. I come from a small (unheard of) town in PA called Quakertown. My current interests and hobbies include video games, thrifting, virtual scrapbooking, blogging, interior design, hiking, and astrology. A fun fact about myself is that I was just recently invited to become a member of Beta Gamma Sigma: the honor society for business programs accredited by AACSB International! This is a huge honor to be academically recognized as being in the top 10% of my program.

Along with being academically recognized, I joined AMA in September of 2020 and have since been recognized as a gold member of AMA and consultant of the month for October! I admire AMA for its huge investment in its members. I found a strong interest in Cherry Consulting due to the direct involvement and creativity it allows for student consultants. With that, my favorite part of being in AMA is Cherry Consulting. I find that the skills I have been developing from going from a student consultant to an associate project manager are some of the skills that I will use in the real world post-graduation. Another favorite that I have taken from AMA is the people. I have been given an amazing opportunity to network with my peers while developing friendships (even through a pandemic) through the mentorship program, Cherry Jamz, and the Slack Channel. Something I am looking forward to is the opportunity to participate in the case competition for the first time with an amazing group of intelligent and innovative women that I have gotten to know through AMA!

Currently, my work experience lies within the insurance industry due to a last-minute internship at a local bank during the COVID-19 2020 summer. Through this internship, I got to experience an amazing company culture within a medium-sized company. I hope to transition into a marketing intern position this summer and have a few leads in the works! Moving forward, I am super open to working in a range of industries and hope to learn a diverse set of skills to eventually find my niche. Something I am excited to do for my senior year at Temple with my free credits is dive into advertising classes at Klein and more marketing-specific classes at Fox to hone in on some of my marketing interests such as social media marketing, SEO, digital media advertising, and social media innovation. As of right now, I would love to stay in PA post-grad to start my career but periodically travel once the pandemic is out of sight. I have found a passion in leadership roles that AMA has presented me with and hope to manage my own team someday!”

Heather Schaffer, FOX '22

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