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Membership Monday: Maeve Coogan

Our AMAzing member in the spotlight this week is Maeve Coogan! Maeve is a sophomore marketing major, planning on minoring in digital marketing. She is from Warrington, PA which is about 45 minutes outside of Philadelphia, and she spends her summers in Stone Harbor, NJ. Besides being an active member in AMA, Maeve is on the Executive Board as the Events Coordinator for Athletes Helping Athletes, an organization dedicated to spending time with those who have special needs.

Maeve joined AMA in 2020 and although her first semester got cut short due to COVID-19, she quickly realized how much she loved AMA. Specifically, the first speaker session of the semester from North Face spiked Maeve’s interest and made her want to be a more involved member. At the start of the 2020 school year, she dove headfirst into AMA. Maeve joined Cherry Consulting as a student consultant for The City School where she gained valuable skills in content creation. She was then recognized for her dedication to AMA by being named Member of the Month in November 2020. Her passion for AMA led her to apply for the Associate Project Manager (APM) position in Cherry Consulting for the following semester.

Currently, Maeve is the APM for Andrea Swinton where she has been exposed to awesome leadership skills. In addition, Maeve has been working on rebranding the company with her group through social media strategies. Her favorite part of AMA is not just the skills and qualities she has gained from the organization, but the relationships she has made along the way. AMA makes Maeve excited to be in the marketing world and makes her look forward to her future ahead!

Although she has not had any internships yet, she is currently in the application and interview process for different companies! Maeve is eager to get some hands-on experience and is excited to use the skills she has learned from AMA in the real world. She loves Philadelphia but wants to take advantage of her 20s by seeing the world and hopefully traveling for both work and pleasure! She has a passion for health and fitness, so her dream job would be working for a company such as Nike or Gymshark!

Maeve is so grateful for everything that AMA has offered and the doors that it has opened for her. She will forever be thankful for going to that first speaker session of 2020 with North Face because that was the initial hook! She fell in love with everything the organization had to offer and has been taking advantage of these opportunities ever since. Maeve looks forward to her future with AMA and is excited to implement her skills learned in the organization into the business world!

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