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Membership Monday: Ben Gorland

This week's Membership Monday will spotlight our AMAzing member, Ben Gorland! Ben is currently a Junior Marketing major. What most people wouldn't know about him is that he was a Biochemistry major before he switched to Marketing. Ben can also impersonate almost anybody!

Ben currently serves as the Social Chair on the executive board for Alpha Tau Omega fraternity. Through this experience, he developed effective communication and event planning skills. In the future, he plans on using what he learned as Social Chair to plan Marketing events and communicate with other companies!

In AMA, Ben is heavily involved in both Cherry Consulting and in the Professional Development Committee. In Cherry Consulting, he is currently a member of the Momentum Digital team. He plays a large role in their technology team where he helps to create and design for Momentum’s website. This helped him experience hands-on marketing skills that he can carry all throughout his career!. He also works closely in the Professional Development Committee, where he learned valuable networking skills. His hard work and experience through his Committee helped contribute to him landing an internship at Subaru this summer!

Ben is looking forward to working with Subaru and gaining new knowledge within his new team in Product Marketing. In his internship, he will be working with the launch team specifically, to market new products to consumers in the desired segments! Ben will also be conducting research on the market and analyze trends. With this, he’ll be brainstorming and creating marketing strategies and tactics for the team.

Throughout the Spring semester, Ben interned at Temple Athletics with their Marketing team. On an average day, he would research effective promotional ideas for Temple’s Men's Basketball and Football team, especially looking forward to the 2019-2020 year. In addition, he works on fan engagement where he discovers new giveaway ideas, theme days, and on-court/field promotions. This internship helped him learn effective research methods and narrowed down ideas that worked for the athletic department. He plans on using the skills that he learned onto his future internship at Subaru and in his career when deciding effective promotional ideas for a company!

Keep killin’ it Ben, you’re doing AMAzing!

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