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Membership Monday: Layla Kasymov

Our AMAzing member in the spotlight this week is Layla Kasymov! Layla is currently a Junior Marketing major and International Business minor at the Fox School of Business. Although Layla was born in the United States, her family comes from Uzbekistan, which was part of the Soviet Union. Apart from AMA, Layla is a Brother of Alpha Phi Omega Zeta Iota’s Chapter. Currently, she has an internship with Allied Global Marketing as a Marketing and PR Intern.

During the Spring semester of 2020, she had the chance to study abroad in Japan. She met new friends, tried different foods, and saw beautiful landmarks. Overall, it was truly an unforgettable experience. Despite the journey being cut short due to COVID-19, living in Japan taught her how to be independent and appreciate the culture that each country has to offer.

Ever since freshman year, she took full advantage of what AMA has to offer! She was a part of the Media Relations committee, where she focused on editing the LinkedIn page by informing about the amazing activities offered by AMA. She found her true passion in Cherry Consulting after being a consultant for My Lap Box. This motivated her to apply to become an Associate Project Manager for the Business Communication Center at Temple University the following semester. During her junior year, she became a Project Manager for Roast Me, where she focused on creating socials and initiating a Brand Ambassador program. In addition, Layla had the chance of joining the TU-AMA’s Case Team. Due to the amazing team, case leaders, and guidance provided by the advisors, they made it to the finals!

Through various leadership roles and the variety of opportunities that AMA has provided, she was able to earn an internship with PHERES, a luxury Italian jewelry company while studying abroad in Japan as a Brand Marketing Intern. That following summer, with everything being virtual, Layla had the opportunity of being a part of two amazing internships. She interned for DMAX Foundation, a non-profit mental health organization, as a Social Media and Communications Intern. She also interned for WhoseYourLandlord, a start-up that focuses on empowering and informing the rental community through reviews and content as a Marketing and Growth Intern.

Temple has provided Layla with amazing experiences and opportunities which allowed her to grow as a student and as an individual. However, none of that would be possible without AMA. AMA gave her the skills to not only thrive in the real world but also give her the ability to gain confidence and make new friends. Through various speaker sessions and professionals from different industries, Layla discovered different routes to take after graduating from Temple. Layla’s past internship experiences helped her to shape her future goals of wanting to work in the entertainment industry. She is grateful for the mentors and leadership roles she gained during AMA, and can not wait to see where AMA will take her senior year!

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