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Membership Monday: Vanessa Ferraiolo

This week's Membership Monday will spotlight our AMAzing member, Vanessa Ferraiolo! Vanessa is currently a Junior Marketing major with a minor in MIS. She's been skiing since she was 2 years old and her mom, a ski instructor, would hook her up to a harness and would ski down the slopes with her.

Vanessa dreamed of the day where she could get the chance to study abroad, and last summer she got the opportunity to go to Rome for six weeks. There she met new friends and had an unforgettable experience. Living in Rome taught her a lot about herself. She learned to appreciate where she came from and how to live in a foreign country while being out of her comfort zone.

Inside AMA she is highly involved in the Media Relations committee. She is the assistant Social Media Director and works specifically on TU-AMA’s Instagram account. As the assistant, Vanessa creates content and brainstorms campaigns for our Instagram. Through AMA, she developed better organizational and leadership skills. She transferred those skills on to her internship where she helps prepare for meetings and events. In addition to that, those skills helped her on her own personal success with her blog and micro influencing!

Throughout the past two years, she built her own brand through her Instagram (@vanessaferraiolo) and blog ( Creating a brand for herself has led her to become a "micro influencer," which has landed her sponsorship opportunities from Dunkin', Cherry Hill Mall, Snap Kitchen, and RX Bar!

With her previous opportunities, she was able to get an internship with Bryn + Dane's, a healthy fast food restaurant in the suburbs of Philadelphia. Bryn, the owner, has a small two people Marketing team and was looking to add another component to the team with more of a creative background in Social Media Marketing, and that's where Vanessa came in. Through that, she was able to find an internship where her experience and expertise matched up. Now, not only is she gaining experience through her internship, but also is doing something that she genuinely loves!

An average day for Vanessa is always different. Every day consists of a balance of creating content for her own social media outlets, her internship, classes, school-related responsibilities, and more. Every morning always starts off with responding to emails and checking her calendar to see if there are any posts she needs to create for that day, what events/deadlines are coming up, and when she needs to plan out shoots. On a day of a photo shoot, she goes to a set location to get the pictures she needs, sorts through them, edits, and then schedules them to get posted. Her internship allows her to make her own schedule and attend meetings and events. Through her experiences, she learned several skills and how to apply them to one another.

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